By Mark Kenyon

Have you found any sheds yet? This guy has not, but the bulk of my shed hunting adventures are still ahead of me and my amp factor is rising quickly. In fact, this Saturday I’ll be hitting the woods on a new property and I’m feeling pretty good about it. Hopefully you’ll be doing something similar this weekend, but if not, we’ve got plenty to help you scratch that whitetail itch.

As we do every week, we’ve rounded up the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web. So read on, enjoy and have a great weekend!

Chris Brackett Has it Wrong on CWD – Field & Stream: Some serious misinformation has been getting spread on CWD by some “celebrities” in the hunting world. Glad my friends at Field & Stream are clearing things up.

Guaranteed to Last – Deer-Forest Study: Some really interesting insight into what keeps deer warm and alive during the winter.

Sportsmen Owe the Bundys a Thank You – The Conservationist: Could some good come out of the Oregon stand-off?

Whitetails and Topography-The Unfair Advantage – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis discusses the benefits of varying topography for deer and deer hunters.

How to Make Ground Venison and Wild Mushroom Egg Rolls – The Cast Iron Chef: A good looking venison recipe if you’re looking for a change from the usual.

The Truth About Shed Hunting – North American Whitetail: Shed hunting is exploding in popularity, here’s why and what it means for shed hunters moving forward.

Whitetail Management is Undergoing a Monumental Shift – American Hunter: Whitetail management is changing in the US.

Do You Need To Increase Deer Numbers? – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Sturgis speaks to varying ideas for managing your deer herd and property when in need of an increase in deer.

Chasing An Explanation for the South’s Odd Rut – The southern rut is a wonky thing. This article explores why and how.