By Mark Kenyon

I’m always pumped for the weekend, but this weekend is going to be particularly great. Why? Because I’m heading west for my annual Iowa shed hunt. And while I can’t guarantee I’ll find a bunch of antlers, I do know that I’ll be laughing a lot with good friends and walking some beautiful country, so as far as I’m concerned, these next few days will be a blast. That said, be sure to follow @WiredToHunt on Instagram to see photos from the weekend AND check out @WiredToHunt on Periscope for live-stream video of some of our shed hunting exploits and antler finds!

In the meantime, as we do every week, we’ve got our weekly round-up of the best blog posts from across the web. So check out the links below, enjoy and have a great weekend!

To Cherish or Trash: A Week of Perspectives on the Competing Value of our Public Land – Open Country: An important update on public land issues being debated this week across the country. We hunters need to stay informed on these issues and then make our voice heard.

Bills Up for House Debate Are an Affront to America’s Public Lands Legacy – TRCP blog: More on the public lands debates this week – make sure to email or tweet at your reps!

What You can Learn From Shed Antlers – Midwest Whitetail: Is shed hunting more than just a good time? Here’s what Bill Winke thinks.

Trophy Hunting and Conservation in 2016: Recent Threats and What We Can Do About Them – Outdoor Life: My latest piece for Outdoor Life examines the PR issues “trophy hunting” is having and what we might want to do about that.

3 Ways to Theft-Proof Your Scouting Cameras – OutdoorHub: Take this advice and lose fewer trailcams.

Average Joe – Deer-Forest Study: Another interesting blog post from Penn State’s Deer-Forest Study taking a look at the topic of average antler growth.

Settling In to a New Home, Step 1: Find the Deer – A Sportsman’s Life: Field & Stream’s Bill Heavey just moved into a new house. His first course of action? Figure out where the deer are.

Where Does a Buck Bed? Top 10 Spots – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis shares some great advice on where to find buck bedding areas.