By Mark Kenyon

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), unfortunately, is not going away. And if history is an indication of what’s to come, the disease is likely to continue spreading to more states and regions. So if CWD pops up in your hunting area, what should you do and what does that mean for your deer hunting?

It’s these types of questions that the Quality Deer Management Association is trying to answer for hunters with their latest resource – Chronic Wasting Disease: Recommended Practices for Deer Hunters.

In this free downloadable guide, the QDMA answers questions related to what deer you should target in CWD zones, if habitat improvements or food plots are good or bad in these areas, if certain types/ages of deer are more susceptible to CWD, what hunters can do to help monitor/contain CWD and much more.

So if you’re living or hunting in a CWD zone and you’re concerned about any of the above topics, I’d highly recommend checking out this free resource.

Click the link below to view/download:

Chronic Wasting Disease: Recommended Practices for Deer Hunters

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