By Mark Kenyon

Hey there fellow deer hunting addict. I’ve got a favor to ask.

My goal with Wired To Hunt, as you hopefully have already noticed, has been to create one of the most helpful and enjoyable deer hunting resources available on the web.

But to make sure Wired To Hunt can meet that goal, I need to better understand a few things – specifically I need to know what YOU think about a few things.

So, back to this favor. I’d like you to take a quick survey today in which we ask a variety of different questions about the Wired To Hunt blog, podcasts and other projects. It will just take a couple minutes, but will make a huge difference, as your answers will directly influence the future direction of Wired To Hunt.

That said, to show my appreciation, all survey respondents will be entered into a random drawing in which we’ll be giving away three Wired To Hunt hats, two Trophy Ridge Static stabilizers, and possibly a few more great prizes!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this, and please click the link below to take the survey.

Click here to take the Wired To Hunt audience survey