By Mark Kenyon

Why do you hunt? It’s a question you’ve likely been asked before or at least have thought about yourself. And while it may seem obvious to us inside our heads, putting an answer to this question out into the world with words can sometimes be more challenging than we realize. For that reason, a few months ago I published an article titled “4 Tips for Answering the “Why Do You Hunt?” Question” and today I’m sharing another helpful resource in the form of this Video of the Day.

Today’s video comes from Randy Newberg, a two time guest on the Wired To Hunt Podcast, a well respected TV and podcast host, and an accomplished conservationist. In this short film, Randy explains one aspect of why he hunts, and that’s the connection it gives him to his food. Randy’s words are well chosen, relatable and compelling. If you’ve ever struggled to articulate why you hunt, this explanation might help you find your own words next time, and if you know someone who still doesn’t seem to get why you do what you do, this video might be insightful for them too.