By Mark Kenyon

Hey guys. I’ve got a cold, complete with soar throat, coughing, and a good a sniffle here and there too, so I’m not going to beat around the bush today. I’ve got a couch to get back to ASAP.

That said, here’s our round-up of the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web. Take a look, enjoy the great articles below, and have an awesome weekend!

Food Plot Soil Testing 101 – Redneck Blog: If you’re starting to think about food plot work, don’t forget this important first step!

Take Time Now to Enhance Old Hunting Spots and Prune New Treestand Sites – Outdoor Life: Some good tips for what you can work on now to improve your deer hunting in the fall.

Age and Antlers – Deer-Forest Study: Interesting insights into the accuracy of various deer aging methods.

Creating Fruit Plots – Midwest Whitetail: Advice on how to plant fruit trees for deer.

Wisconsin Continues Public-Land Sell-Off Efforts – An update on the continued sell off of public lands in Wisconsin.

5 Top Public Land Deer Hunting States – Antler Geeks: If you’re looking for a public land hunting destination, one of these 5 states might be worth checking out.

The Science of Scents: How Well Can Deer Smell? – OutdoorHub: How is a deer’s sense of smell so strong?

Harvest or Kill? Considering Our Choice of Language in Hunting Stories – MeatEater: Do you kill or harvest a deer? This essay explores why our language used to describe hunting can be more important than many of us realize.

5 Tips For Your Next Target Buck Encounter – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Good advice for targeting a specific buck.