Today on the show we’re joined by Dan Perez, CEO of Whitetail Properties, to discuss how to buy a hunting property.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Who Dan Perez is and what he does at Whitetail Properties

– Why a hunting property is one of the best investments you can make

– What factors influence the value of land and a potential hunting property

– What to consider when trying to decide whether or not buying land is the right choice for you

– How to increase the value of your hunting property and possibly flip it to get an even better property

– When to consider a land contract versus financing

– What type of financial considerations you need to work through before determining if you can buy a property

– How to find the right property

– The benefits to using a realtor or land specialist

– What factors to consider when deciding if you want to buy a specific piece or not

– What features or layout are ideal for a small hunting property

– What the process of closing on a property looks like

– What the biggest mistakes people make when buying or selling a property

– And much, much more!

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