By Mark Kenyon

So. Before we get to our Friday Morning Mashup, I want to tell you a story.

Last weekend, my wife made me do some cleaning. Nothing new there. But the object of my cleaning mission was to reorganize the post-apocalypse mess that is my hunting gear closet. For context, imagine a walk-in closet about 6 yards long by 3 yards wide, lined with shelves on all the walls. All of these shelves were stacked high with arrows, ammunition, bug spray, scent-eliminating spray, backpacks, trash bags full of old hunting clothes, coolers, camera gear, about 30 ball caps, decals, optics, maps, old quivers and bow sights, firearms, camping chairs and so much more. You should have heard the choice words my wife had for me when she saw it all, that was a special moment.

Well, as you might imagine, the process of removing all that mess, culling the unnecessary items and then reorganizing what was left was a son-of-a-gun. But we got it done. In the midst of all that cleaning though, I uncovered something. In a small plastic bin, underneath a pile of elk bugles and cow calls, I saw what looked like a small piece of a chalk board, but round, and with a plastic backing. Next to it, a thin wooden rod. The impact of that sight had a profound effect on me.

My hands started to sweat. My pupils dilated. My heart raced. These were my turkey calls, turkey season is coming, and I am so, stupidly, excited. That is all.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Our weekly round-up of the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web!

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Why Antler Shedding Was Delayed In the North This Year – The Deer Guy: NDA CEO/President Nick Pinizzotto explains why he believes so many deer shed late this year.

MSY – And it’s not the Big Easy – Deer-Forest Study: MSY = Maximum sustained yield. So what does that mean in regards to deer populations? This article explains. Very interesting stuff.

Long-Range Shooting for the Eastern Whitetail Hunter – Big Buck Zone: Should eastern deer hunters start shooting longer distances? Craig Dougherty sketches out a scenario in which it might make sense.

Scoring Deer, Net Vs Gross – Antler Geeks: Nets are for fish.

How Much Does Experience Matter? – Outdoor Life: Does hunting experience always help?

Doe Factory Habitat Problems – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Too many does can be an issue, here’s why and what to do about it.

A Severe Case of Whitetail Sanity or Insanity? – A good ole fashioned deer story.