By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday AND Earth Day!

Yes, today is Earth Day and I think we hunters should be just as excited by a day like this as anyone else. On a day celebrating the big wild orb we call home and created as a reminder to better care for our planet, I can’t think of any better stewards for that message than hunters. We hunters understand and appreciate the value of a healthy earth and wildlife more than almost anyone else, and many of us do more to protect these places than most as well, whether through our wallets, time, or energy.

So this Earth Day and in the days to follow, I’d simply challenge you to continue stepping up to the plate. Let’s remind the world of who the original conservationists were and lets show with our actions that we hunters still carry that mantle today.

And now, as we do every Friday, here’s our round-up of the best hunting blog posts from across the web this week!

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