By Mark Kenyon

Yesterday I visited our Northern Michigan hunting property to do a little work on our first food plot project up there and I came away from the day realizing one thing. There’s not much time!

For most of us bowhunters, archery season is opening up in just three or four months and if you’re like me, that may have snuck up on you. That said, I’ve got lots to do in preparation for the season and maybe you do too. But if you’ve got a few spare moments, our Friday Morning Mashup might help.

As we do every Friday, we’ve rounded up the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web this week for your easy reading pleasure. So take a look, enjoy and have a great weekend!

Lesson from the Deer Lab: The More You Hunt, the Harder You Have to Hunt – The Game Changers: A research based examination of the impacts of hunting pressure.

The Technology Paradox – Technology and hunting and finding the right balance between the two.

5 Ways You’re Already Screwing Up Your Deer Season – Antler Geeks: A few things you’d better be thinking about now leading up to the season.

Creating Whitetail Habitat Quickly – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: If you’ve got wide open space on your hunting property that isn’t serving any need, here’s some advice on transforming it into great deer habitat.

Winke: Anatomy of a Killer Stand Site – Petersen’s Bowhunting: Bill Winke profiles a killer stand site and what makes it so great.

DIY: How to Plant a No-Till Food Plot – North American Whitetail: Can’t disc in a food plot? Here’s  a great way to do it with limited equipment.

The Lost Art of Wild Game Sausage – Petersen’s Hunting: A few thoughts on wild game sausage, why you should be making it and how.

Venison Shanks: How to Make Tender, Tasty Stew Out of Meat You Probably Throw Away – The Cast Iron Chef: A great way to take advantage of those tough to work with deer shanks.

Salsa Criolla: The Best Steak Condiment You’re Not Using – The Wild Chef: Add a little more YUM to your venison steaks.