By Mark Kenyon

Has the “fever” hit you yet? You know what I’m talking about. As summer velvet bucks start appearing in crop fields and trail cameras get set in the woods, whitetail addicts like you and me inevitably feel a rise in our blood pressure as we look forward to the next hunting season. Summertime buck fever hits us all in one way or another (click here to learn more about this serious affliction).

Unfortunately, I can’t fast forward the clock to opening day, but what I can do is provide a little something to help scratch that itch. Today we’ve got two videos of the day, both of which feature incredible multi-year hunts for gigantic whitetail bucks. These videos are sure to drop your jaw and fill your future nights with plenty of big buck dreams.

The first video is from White Knuckle Productions and Ted Miller, who hunted a buck he called Jawbreaker for three years. The footage and the story is amazing.

Next is a great feature from Drury Outdoors‘s DOD TV which highlights Jared Lurk’s seven year hunt for High Tower. Another unbelievable documentation of an incredible deer.