By Mark Kenyon

Summertime buck fever hit me pretty hard this week. I’ve been watching hunting shows online, analyzing trail camera pictures and studying maps … and we still have months til hunting season! The countdown continues.

In the meantime, luckily we’ve got lots of great deer hunting related resources to keep us thinking about the hunt, and as we do every week, we’ve rounded up the best hunting blog posts from across the web in this one place. Take a look below, enjoy and have great weekend!

House Committee Passes First Land-Transfer Legislation – Open Country: We’ve been talking about this for while and now it’s getting very real. Get informed and then get in touch with your representatives/senators/etc.

Scrubbing out public land transfer myths – TRCP:  Don’t know what I’m talking about above? Watch this video for a quick primer on why some of our politicians are trying to transfer/sell our public lands, and why that’s a awful idea.

Summer Scouting – Good or Useless? – Midwest Whitetail: A valid question.

Big-Buck Blues: The Painful Lessons I Learned From 3 Botched Bowhunts – The Game Changers: Learn from his lessons.

Creating a Watering Hole For Deer – The Buck Advisors: Need to add new water sources to your property? Our past podcast guest, Jeremy Flinn, explains how.

Whitetail Bedding Staging Area – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: As usual, great insight from Jeff Sturgis.

6 Tips for Drought-Proofing Your Food Plots – Deer & Deer Hunting: Advice for avoiding the dreaded dried out food plot.

How to Predict the Peak Days of the Rut Right Now – Outdoor Life: Tony Hansen explains how fawns help us determine when the peak of the rut occurs.

Have We Killed Too Many Does? – Antler Geeks: Have we?

How to Steer Deer Closer to Your Stand – North American Whitetail: Bring a buck just a little closer with these tips.