By Mark Kenyon

We’ve talked about it with Steven Rinella, Randy Newberg, Whit Fosburg, Tony Peterson and numerous others on the Wired To Hunt Podcast, and if you’ve heard any of those conversations, you know that the movement to transfer and/or sell our public lands is a serious issue for all hunters and anglers. Unfortunately, this idea is continuing to gain momentum, and this past week the first piece of land transfer legislation (two pieces, in fact), passed through the House Committee on Natural Resources. This stuff is getting very real.

Later this week, the CEO/President of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Land Tawney, will be joining us on the Wired To Hunt Podcast to discuss this and much more. But in the meantime, we’ve got two quick videos that speak to this issue and might help you understand what’s going on. So take a look, stay informed, spread the word and contact your local politicians to make sure that our public lands stay public and accessible to all hunters, anglers and Americans.