By Mark Kenyon

Right about now, likely as you’re reading this, I’m on my way to Bozeman, Montana where I’ll spending the next month exploring the mountains AND scouting for my first whitetail hunt of the 2016 season. Yup, in early September I’ll be hunting Montana for big whitetail bucks and over the coming weeks I’m pretty pumped to start scouting public land and glassing open crop fields. The hunt begins now and I am stoked.

In the meantime though, there’s plenty of whitetail reading to pass the time, and as we do every week, we’ve rounded up the top deer hunting blog posts from across the web for your reading pleasure. Enjoy, have a great weekend, and stay wired to hunt!

Rooting for the World’s Largest 6-Point – A Sportsman’s Life: Check out this video of a GIANT six pointer.

Build A Winning Whitetail Strategy: Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes – ScoutLook Hunting Blog: Mark Kayser shares a few helpful tips, albeit in very dramatic fashion.

Whitetail Fawns on the Ground: Will They Make it to Fall? – Big Buck Zone: Craig Dougherty talks about fawn mortality.

Travel Corridor Treestand Setups For Deer – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Summer work you can do to improve your stand locations.

Female Dispersal: Is it a matter of asking directions? – Penn State Deer-Forest Study: A fascinating look at research on dispersal behavior of female deer.

How to Know When the Best Days of the Rut Will Be – A few thoughts on the timing of the rut.

How to Pattern and Kill Your Target Buck – North American Whitetail: A great piece from Steve Bartylla explaining how he patterns and kills specific bucks.

Summer Hinge Cut Strategies – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Believe it or not, there can be hinge cutting work to do even in the summer.

5 Tuning Tweaks for Top Accuracy – Petersen’s Bowhunting: If you’re looking to improve your archery accuracy, these tips can help.