By Spencer Neuharth

Centuries ago, Native Americans carried mirrors with them on the prairies while hunting. The mirrors allowed scouts and archers to split up and communicate long distances through bursts of light. Each series of flashes meant something different, like game type, herd size, location or success.

Hundreds of years later, we communicate our successes in a slightly different way.

Thirty years ago, it was a polaroid hanging at the local coffee shop. Twenty years ago, it was a chain email that got forwarded around work. Ten years ago, it was a group text sent off from the woods. Now, it’s Snapchat.

Snapchat is a hugely underrated form of social media that allows friends to stay in touch through instantaneous pictures and video. For outdoorsmen, that means capturing a walk to the treestand, or a turkey that struts by the blind, or a first bite of fresh backstrap. In the fall, I can’t wait to open the app and see what the rest of the hunting community is up to.

Here are a few of the best hunting accounts on Snapchat that I’ve found. I’ll let them tell you in their own words why they’re worth a follow.

(Once you’ve downloaded the snapchat app on your phone, you can add any of these users below by going to the “Add Friends” menu and typing in the usernames you’ll see written in italics)

Cody Rich | therichoutdoors

“Snapchat is a fun platform to not only follow along with the play-by-play of hunts as they progress, but to catch my everyday asshattery of juggling an ammo company, podcast and hunting addiction.”

Field & Stream | fs_mag

“Readers can expect behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at projects we’re working on, as well as exclusive snapshots from our writers on assignment across the country.”

Heartland Bowhunter | heartlandbow

“For updates from the field and behind the scenes action, follow the Heartland Bowhunter snapchat. You never know which HB member might be logged on or what shenanigans you might see!”

Josh McDaniel | joshmcdaniel32

“We have fun with it and don’t hold back. You can expect to see our success and failures throughout our hunts. I post lots of content throughout the year that shows detail of how and why we hunt the way we do.”

story collage (1)

Krysten McDaniel | krystenmcdaniel

“I love connecting with other hunters through Snapchat. It’s such great outlet to take followers behind the scenes of a hunt and just have fun with it. We log a lot of treestand time in the fall; the longer the hunt the loonier we get and the sillier our snaps are.”

The Lindsey Way | thelindseyway

“Our followers get a look inside our everyday lives that you won’t see in front of the camera. You can also expect some humor along the way.”

Montana Wild | montana_wild

“If you want to laugh, see behind the scenes and get inside information on what we are up to currently, follow us on Snapchat.”

Outdoor Channel | outdoorchannel

“Follow Outdoor Channel for #whatgetsyououtdoors snap moments. Watch for an inside glimpse of various outdoor trade shows throughout the year, e.g., SHOT Show, ATA, NRA, etc. You may also catch a snap with talent from Outdoor Channel shows!”

Spencer Neuharth | boofer10

“Of course I’m putting myself on the list. Things you’ll see on my snap story: projects I’m working on, low-quality videos from concerts, my black lab eating grass, deer that I hit with my pickup on my way to go hunting.”

Mark Kenyon/Wired to Hunt |

“On our snapchat account I try to post photo and video updates from my various outdoor adventures, as well as the occasional behind-the-scenes look at the blog and podcast. I’ll also be doing semi-live snapchat stories of my hunts this fall, so be sure to follow along! ”

And here’s a few more, as recommended by, our editor, Mark Kenyon:

Steven Drake | annulicollectiv

Drake is an outdoor photographer/videographer and he’s one of the absolute best users of Snapchat I’ve seen yet, posting terrific photos and vids from his hunting/fishing excursions and the like. This one is a must-follow.

Taylor Drury | taylorldrury

Taylor Drury, daughter of Mark Drury and main-stay of the Drury Outdoors TV shows, does a nice job of sharing a behind-the-scenes look at her life and hunting/television experiences.

Jeff Lindsey | jefflindsey55

More hunting and outdoor related pics/vids from Jeff Lindsey of The Lindsey Way.

Matt McCormick | mattmccormick05

Another terrific photographer, Matt posts some great updates from his Montana hunting/fishing/photography trips.

Collin Cottrell | collin_cottrell

A hunting social media main-stay, Collin snaps from Texas and wherever else his hunting adventures take him.


Any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments!