By Mark Kenyon

Last week I had the privilege of hanging out with Randy Newberg (host of the Fresh Tracks TV show and renowned conservationist) here in Bozeman, Montana and we had a chance to record an episode for his Hunt Talk Radio Podcast. That episode is now online and available for you to listen to.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.34.50 PM

Our conversation went in all sorts of directions, but I think you’ll find it pretty interesting. We talked about western whitetail and elk hunting, dealing with the politics around hunting, the role/risk of hunting media, the future of conservation in the US, how much it costs to produce a hunting TV show and a whole lot more. So give it a listen and enjoy!

And if you enjoyed this, check out our two episodes of the Wired To Hunt Podcast in which Randy joined us.

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