By Mark Kenyon

Things have been a little slow here at Wired To Hunt lately, I’ve noticed it too, and I do apologize! Admittedly, big mountains and trout have kept some content on hold. But new articles, podcasts and videos are on the way soon. And with the whitetail opener in some states just over a month away, I’m getting pretty excited about the stories we’ll be sharing.

That said, there are, of course, more responsible whitetail writers who have been posting while I’ve been off scouting for Montana whitetails and hauling in big cutthroats. So take a look at our round-up of the best of this past week’s whitetail blog posts across the web, and stay tuned for some cool stuff on W2H soon.

Food Plots: Your Summer Cheat Sheet for Giant Fall Bucks – Field & Stream: A great food plot feature, including advice on planting brassicas, using fire, cereal rye, soil tests and more.

How To Make a Horizontal Rub Post For Deer…And Why You Should – An inside look at how big-buck mastermind Ted Miller creates and uses horizontal rubs.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone – Why it’s important to stay in your “comfort zone” while bowhunting.

How to Decipher the Secrets of a Rub – Field & Stream: What can you learn from a rub?

Extend Your Shooting Range Now To Double Your Chances For Fall Bowhunting Success – ScoutLook: Solid advice on how to extend your shooting range with a bow, and why it’s important.

3 Traits of Great Deer Hunters – Antler Geeks: Do you agree with these?

Go West for Big Whitetails? – Petersen’s Hunting: I’ve answered this question with a firm “yes.”

Nocturnal Deer Tips – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis offers his thoughts on “nocturnal bucks” and what to do about them.