By Mark Kenyon

A great hunting film will do several things; it will transport you to an incredible place, it will inspire a deep-in-your-gut lust for adventure, and it will invoke emotion – maybe a smile, a laugh, a longing, a tear. Our Video of the Day, “Beyond the Roar”, does all of this and more.

While not whitetail related, I don’t know any deer hunter who hasn’t at least dreamed of heading to the wild North in pursuit of adventure and big game. And this film most certainly will not help you silence those longings.

In “Beyond the Roar” past podcast guest Aaron Hitchins and his buddy Will O’Brien embark on an epic Yukon moose hunt, by way of canoe, in an effort to finally live out their wildest dreams and simultaneously honor their recently passed friend. The end result is a masterfully told story, a beautifully shot film and a true inspiration.

Watch this, you won’t be disappointed.

BEYOND THE ROAR from Rockhouse Motion on Vimeo.