By Mark Kenyon

If you’re at all like me these days, you’re likely experiencing long sleepless nights, shaking hands and a nervous twitching eye or two… I’m seriously ready for my deer hunting fix. And while hunting season is still some weeks away, a good hunting video always seems to take my edge off. So, if you’re in need of something similar, our friend Bill Winke has got something new to help.

Rather than continuing his Midwest Whitetail TV show through a traditional cable provider, he’s now launching a new webshow in addition to the traditional offerings on, which features a more heavily produced and chronological documentation of the 2015 hunting season for himself and several other team-members. The new show is called Chasing November and it’s available online for free. The first six episodes are now online and I’ve already watched three. So far so good.

So check out Episode #1 below, and then head over to their YouTube channel to watch the rest. It ought to help you pass at least one work-day without those nervous “is-deer-hunting-season-here-yet” sweats!