By Mark Kenyon

Not many of us will ever kill a 200″ whitetail buck. Hell, the vast majority of us will never even see one.

But Mark Drury is not like most of us. He has seen and killed one such buck and the video of this hunt is now out in the world. The full episode of Thirteen featuring the hunt for the 211″ buck he killed last year just aired this week on Outdoor Channel, but they’ve also released an additional extended look at the encounter on the Drury Outdoors youtube channel.

The footage and this buck is jaw dropping. So while this type of deer and encounter is not really in the realm of reality for most of us, it’s still pretty darn cool to see. And Mark’s reaction to the kill is as real as it gets. I think anyone watching can relate to that. Pure, unadulterated joy.

If you want to learn more from Mark, which I highly recommend doing, check out our podcast interview with him from last summer:
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