By Mark Kenyon

With hunting season quickly approaching, we’re back with our weekly round-up of the top hunting blog posts from across the web. And wow – there are a lot! Tis the season.

When you’re done practicing with your bow, scouting and hanging stands (you are doing that, right???) – take a look at the articles below and up your whitetail game. Knowledge is your greatest weapon this hunting season.

Can Hunters and Non-Hunters Honor Shared Values? – Petersen’s Hunting: In my opinion, this should be required reading for all hunters. Please give it a read and keep an open mind.

How to Monitor for Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, and What to Do if You Find it – Outdoor Life: A topic I won’t we won’t need to discuss much this year, but important to be aware of.

Build Your Whitetail Vocabulary – Bigger Bucks: My latest article for North American Whitetail’s special “Bigger Bucks” publication.

Is Predicting Wildlife Behavior with Solunar Calendars Fact or Fiction? – The Game Changers: Is there merit to paying attention to solunar calendars? Find out what the research says.

Finding and Hunting Public Land Sanctuaries – Public land sanctuaries – an oxymoron? Maybe not.

Buck Recognition: Core or Non Core Buck? – Jeff Sturgis elaborates on his theories regarding core versus non-core bucks.

Know Your Buck – Bigger Bucks: Bernie Barringer discusses tactics for better patterning mature bucks.

Do Wider Broadhead Designs Kill Faster? – A good question for those looking to upgrade their broadheads.

5 Habits of Mature Bucks – Bigger Bucks: Steve Bartylla always has good info to share.