By Mark Kenyon

Last night was wet. Very, very, wet. It took every bit of mental strength I had to drag myself out of my “comfy” dry truck-bed home and out into the rain, but I’m glad I did.

As mentioned yesterday, based on the wind change and the fact that I’d seen deer farther south of me on Night #1, I decided to hang a new set. So around 3:00 PM I snuck into this new area with stand and sticks on my back and got set up in a big cottonwood tree overlooking the alfalfa fields to my east and the river to the west. And it didn’t take long for things to get going.

While hanging that stand, I spotted a bunch of deer emerge in the alfalfa field a couple hundred yards north of me, right near where I’d sat the night before. Pulling my binos up, I saw they were all bucks – six of them – including a potential shooter.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.17.02 PM

And then the parade just continued for four hours. As I sat hunkered under my tree umbrella with rain dumping all around me, I watched probably 40 or 50 deer pop out into this crop field – and based on where they were in the field, I have to believe they were coming out somewhere near that Night #1 stand. Six bucks, ten bucks, fifteen bucks – they just kept pouring out and I kept cussing myself out for not being over in that area! Of those bucks, a bunch of them were nice two year olds, maybe a few three year olds, and two real nice big-bodied mature shooters. Nothing huge antler wise, but beautiful heavy chocolate horned eight pointers that I’d love to get a shot at.

Meanwhile, down south, I saw a grand total of 3 does in my immediate vicinity. So tonight, with the wind switching again, I’m making a move back up north. I’m torn between sitting in the exact spot I hunted on Night 1 or shifting down just a bit. I’ve got a WNW wind, so it’s going to be blowing out into the fields behind me, but ideally I’d like to get south of where those deer were feeding – so that if they come out again there, my wind will hopefully be blowing south of their eventual feeding area.

And so there you have it – the game plan for Night #3. The rain has finally tapered off, so I’m just airing out my clothes and bags now, and then I’ll dive back in for the third night in a few hours!