By Mark Kenyon

What a start to the 2016 season! I’m still a bit dumbfounded by the success I had earlier this week in Montana, but I’ll certainly take it. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

Since filling my tag on Monday, I took a couple days to catch up on work, spent another day on my whitetail piece again scouting and then snuck in a day of fly-fishing too. But the next real adventure begins today.


In just a few hours I’ll be taking a break from whitetails and hitting the road to Idaho for a seven day, public land, backcountry elk hunting trip. Two friends and I are loading up the backpacks and hiking in a few miles tonight, setting up camp, and then hoping for a crisp, cold, bugle-filled morning. I’ve got a lump in my stomach just thinking about how awesome that first morning might be. As much as I love whitetails, there’s nothing like a first-light bugle cutting through frosty air.

But, to the matter at hand, there’s a chance we might have cell service out there. If so, I’m going to try posting a few updates on Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter – so be sure to follow Wired To Hunt on all those platforms and keep an eye out for news. If service is lacking, expect a full report when we get back out to civilization in a week.

So, here’s to the beginning of another adventure. While its probably not likely, I certainly won’t complain if my good luck continues … We’ll find out soon.