By Mark Kenyon

If you live/hunt in states like Michigan/Pennsylvania/Iowa/Texas/Illinois or many others, tomorrow is possibly the best day of the year. Opening day! That said, we’ll keep things quick here. As we do every week, we’ve rounded up the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web. So check out the links below and best of luck this weekend!

Green is Key to Midwest Deer Hunting Right Now – Field & Stream: With acorn production lacking across much of the country, it seems deer are flocking to green fields/food plots, now that soybeans are drying.

Deer Scents: They’re Not Just For The Rut – Outdoor Life: A look at how deer scents might be usable even earlier in the fall.

7 Sins of Aging Bucks on the Hoof – Don’t make these mistakes when trying to age a deer.

Hot Spots for October Whitetails – Antler Geeks: Some basic ideas for where to locate deer in October.

5 Reasons to Hunt October – North American Whitetail: It’s a great time to be in the woods!

3 Major Advantages to Hunting Bucks in the Woods – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: If you have the right property/habitat for it, getting back in the woods can be the ticket.

The Five-Percent Buck – Petersen’s Bowhunting: What do the top 5% of deer hunters do to kill those top bucks across the country? Here’s an example of one such person.

The Challenge of Early Season Blood Trails – The Deer Guy: Early season blood trails can be tricky, here’s how to tackle them.