Last year we published “70 Instagram Accounts All Hunters Should Be Following” and it was a huge hit. Millions of hunters are now on Instagram, all searching for great photos, and our list was the first on the internet to aggregate some of the best options for drool-worthy photos on the app. Now, a year later, we figured it was time to offer up some new recommendations. Take a look below for W2H blogger Spencer Neuharth’s recommendations, along with a few of my own mixed in as well. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow @WiredToHunt too! – MK

By Spencer Neuharth

Instagram is the new Facebook. It features amazing photography, without the worn-out political memes, and amazing videography, without the redundant recipe clips.

Although most of us think of a sea of selfies when it comes to Instagram, there’s actually a lot of great content out there for outdoorsmen. So much so, that insta-surfing is now my go to time-killer when trying to make it through a long, uneventful hunt. Listed below are some of my favorite follows for the app.

@backcountryhunters: This is one of the key organizations for sportsmen to #keepitpublic. Follow Backcountry Hunters & Anglers to see their wild pictures and show your support.

@bennyob301: From cooking calamari with Steven Rinella, to chasing gators with Troy Landry: Ben O’Brien gets to do it all. Check out his adventures as the marketing manager of Yeti.

@bennyspies: Benny hails from the great state of South Dakota, where he does most of his hunting and fishing. His pictures feature “everyoutdoorsman” adventures, as well as lots of Old Milwaukee.

@blakeledger: Blake has super creative pics, which are usually featuring off his Sitka and Mathews gear. Follow his account for some of the freshest POV images out there.

@campchef: If you like to #cookoutdoors, there isn’t a better account to drool over. Check out Camp Chef for wild recipes and ways to make your next cookout better.

@collegiate_outdoors: Collegiate Outdoor is the official gathering of 20-something outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who know what it’s like to wipe off face paint before heading to class.

@conway_haynes: As the associate editor of North American Whitetail, Haynes gets to take some amazing whitetail-inspired trips. Check out his account for pics of his hunts across whitetail country.

@danny.farris: Danny is a veteran in the outdoor industry who has experience in print and television. Now he works with Fred Eichler’s brands, sharing pictures from his southern Colorado adventures.

@deergear: Celebrate the hunt with Legendary Whitetails, who loves to show off their gear by sharing pics of their dedicated fans. They also pump out the best wild game recipe videos on Instagram.

@derekbnelson: Puppy pics and archery pics are what you’ll find on Derek’s account. His amazing photos are great inspiration to pick up a camera while outside.

@fromfieldtoplate: This outdoors chef specializes in cooking what he harvests. Check out Jeremiah’s awesome account for ideas on how you can get your kills from the field to plate.

@heartlandbowhunter: The team at Heartland Bowhunter is responsible for the absolute coolest images in the outdoor industry. Their account is the pinnacle for aspiring outdoor photographers.

@leathermanusa: Leatherman makes some of the most badass accessories in the world. Their photos show multi reasons that you need a multi-tool in the outdoors.

@jessdelo7: A hunting and fly-fishing photo extraordinaire, Jess has an Instagram account that anyone would enjoy

@mathewsinc: Mathews has perfected photography in the field and at the range with the cleanest bow-themed images on Instagram. Spending some time on their page will definitely have you longing for a Halon.

@ronspomer: As a freelance writer and host of Winchester World of Whitetail, Ron gets to travel all over the earth. His photography is dedicated to the wildlife and landscapes that he encounters.

@samlarson: Sam Larson is an artist who creates masterpieces based on the natural world. His drawings are unique and beautiful, even though he sometimes lights them on fire.

@mtnmanjordan: Jordan is the cofounder of Mtn Ops, and has an Instagram account that’s as badass as his company. Follow along for his high country adventures, like the recent mule deer hunt that he scored on.

@spencerneuharth: I always think, “damnit I wish my dad had pictures of all his outdoor adventures”. That’s been inspiration enough for me to never leave the camera behind while hunting or fishing.

@bradschristian: Formerly of Mathews Archery, Brad is now part of the team at Sitka Gear and his photography lives up to their vaunted brand standard.

@ckeefer18: You’ve likely seen Chris Keefer and is brother on shows like Rival Wild or Dropped, now take a look at the photos from their adventures along the way

@ZackBoughton: One of the creators of Montana Wild, Zack shares drool-worthy photos of his hunting, fishing and rocky mountain adventures.

@HNT2Eat: Ever heard of the Hunt 2 Eat t-shirts? This is their instagram account.

@mtnops: The MTN OPS instagram account is loaded with great photos of big animals, enough said.

@waderolandjames: A very talented videographer, Star Wars fan, photographer, rocker of Story Kromer hats, editor of some of our Wired To Hunt films, and a pretty darn good hunter too.

@TrentSizemore: Incredible scenery and wildlife photography from the the rocky mountain west

@GerberGear: We all love knives, so of course, photos of knives and other gear in the wild will be cool.

@JohnnyUtahMulligan: Fellow Sitka Whitetail Ambassador and hunting fanatic John Mulligan shares his latest exploits and great photography too.

@GoretexHuntFishGear: High-end photography of epic hunting and fishing trips enjoyed while wearing goretex materials

@chefeduardogarcia: Soon to be featured in the film “Charged”, Garcia’s photos range the gambit from cooking exploits with Steven Rinella to elk hunts in the mountains.

@jordangillphotography: Stellar photography, beautiful scenery, big bucks – bulls – fish. A definite follow.