By Mark Kenyon

Anyone else fired up for this weekend? A significant cold front is sweeping across much of the country, barometric pressure is high and rising, and the moon (if you believe in that kind of thing) is positioned well for evening hunts too. All in all, this is great news for those of us chasing mature bucks. That said, if you have these kinds of conditions where you hunt, make sure you’re in a tree!

In meantime though, check out our round-up of the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web this week. We’ve got some good ones today that just might help you close the deal this weekend!

Using the Weather to Pattern Bucks – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Much like Jeff Sturgis describes in this email, a huge part of my hunting strategy is taking advantage of cold fronts and other conditions that influence deer movement.

Seven Cutting-Edge Tactics for Hunting Big Old Bucks – Field & Stream: Seven ways mature bucks are different than other deer, and how you can take advantage of that.

Acreage Isn’t Everything – North American Whitetail: Don Higgins makes a case for small properties.

Five Rules for Recovering Liver-Shot Deer – Liver hit? Make sure you know how to deal with it.

4 Steps To A Perfect Hunting Social Media Post – National Deer Alliance: Next time you’re posting hunting content on social media, keep these tips in mind!

Hunting Picked Cornfields – Midwest Whitetail: Corn fields are starting to get picked across the country, and Bill Winke has a few pieces of advice for hunting them.

Bass Pro Shops Buys Cabela’s: What happens now? – Quiver: You’ve likely all heard the news about Bass Pro acquiring Cabela’s, but what happens next? Brandon Gador asks the questions we’re all wondering about too.