There’s nothing that I like hearing more than a Wired To Hunt reader/listener/viewer letting me know that something on our site or podcast helped them have hunting success, and today we’ve got just that kind of story. David O’Donnell took lessons from the Wired To Hunt podcast, applied them to his hunt, and ended up with his first ever bow kill. How awesome is that? Congrats David! And if you’d like to learn how to submit your own story to be featured on Wired To Hunt, click here – MK

By David O’Donnell

“My dad, a friend and I lease land in southern Arkansas primarily for deer hunting. Living four hours away from our camp is a hassle at times, especially with our every-day schedules. This year though, I went through a divorce, and did what any sportsman would do in that situation – I spent more and more time at the camp – scouting and prepping for the upcoming season.

After listening to Wired to Hunt podcasts over and over again, I decided to change my strategy this year. I normally hunt near my corn feeders in the early season to get the first doe out of the way. But this year, I decided to get off of the feed and instead hunt a travel corridor on a property that I picked up three months ago. I found a set of good tracks crossing an oak bottom, so I set up a lock-on within range. On Sunday, September 25th, I eased down my trail through the bottom, hitting a few trees with Ever Calm. At 9:00 AM I looked to my left and saw two bucks skirting the edge of the clear cut making their way into the bottom. I could see that one of the bucks was definitely larger than the other.

I had the larger buck at six yards hitting a licking branch sweeping his eyes past me, without a clue I was there. He began to make his way to the clear cut behind me. There was only one branch in my way from making the shot when I spotted a hole in the leaves. I drew and held my pins in that hole knowing that he was heading that way. As soon as I had the shot, I took it. It was a beautiful quartering away shot at 10 yards. The Rage Hypodermic entered the middle of the rib cage, catching liver and both lungs, and exited the opposite arm pit. He ran 40 yards and started the death wobble, falling over seconds later. That’s when the shakes began!!!


It was the most exciting BBD text that I think I’ve ever sent out. He isn’t my biggest buck, but probably the most memorable, as he is my first buck with a bow and it all happened on the first hunt of a year that has been a roller coaster, to say the least. I have not scored him yet, but I’m guessing he’ll go 115-120″. He weighed in at 190 lbs and aged at 4 years old.”

– David O’Donnell