By Mark Kenyon

The rut is here and you know what to do. You’ve got the knowledge, tactics and ideas to have success … but guess what? None of that really matters.

“Ideas are s***, execution is the game” – G. Vaynerchuk

If you’re a serious deer hunter, you have all of the tools and tips you need already. Let’s be honest, there’s no real secret to killing bucks during the rut. Rut hunting strategies are talked and written about more than anything else in the hunting world, and I’m sure you’ve read and watched more about the rut than you can shake a stick at. Funnels, doe bedding areas, long hours on stand, grunt tubes, rattling, yadda yadda fricken yadda.

The big question I have for you today is not about the knowledge you’ve accumulated about the rut. That’s a dime a dozen. My question is what are you going to do with that knowledge?

Will you spend the long hours on stand that you know you need to?

Will you take the long way around the fields to properly access your stands like you know you need to?

Will you move stand locations based on observations, even though it’s a pain in the butt, like you know you need to?

Will you roll out of bed for the seventh day in a row at 4:00 AM for another all day sit, like you know you need to?

Will you figure out how to get your big project at work or the chores at home done in time to get you in the tree when you know you need to be there?

Will you actually man up and do the hard stuff in the coming days and weeks that you know to do, but so often get too tired or lazy or complacent to follow through on?

The rut is not the time for excuses. It’s not the time for laziness. It’s not the time for getting soft.

No, it is not.

The rut is here. And you know what to do.

Get your butt in the stand. Take action. Execute on your game plan. Do the work.

Grind. It. Out.