By Spencer Neuharth and Mark Kenyon

Being a hunter, I get a lot of hunting themed gifts. More times than not, the trinkets I receive don’t even make it into my archery bag. I think most people don’t realize that gear isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing, and that this set of arrows or this style of boots doesn’t work for everyone.

This gift guide is different, and I can guarantee that any of these items will make a hunter happy on Christmas morning, whether they hunt squirrels in Michigan, ducks in Nebraska, or whitetails in Kentucky.

Send this list to your Santa Claus this holiday season to ensure your December 25 is an awesome one. OR, just hang on to it til after Christmas, and use the money from your post-Christmas returns to snag one of these items for yourself!

Sitka | Incinerator Muff | $100

This is my absolute favorite piece of my Sitka system. The Incinerator Muff is ridiculously warm, and allows me to wear thin gloves while archery hunting. The Muff also has a well-placed zipper pocket on it that makes for a handy place to store things like my grunt call, rangefinder and cell phone. I’ve used it on hunts from 50 degrees down to -10 degrees. – SN

A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold | $7.19

A must-read for every hunter, angler or lover of the outdoors. This is a beginner’s blue-print to being a conservationist and is sure to get you thinking, both about your actions in the past, and new actions you can take moving forward to ensure we have wild places and animals left for future generations. – MK


Leatherman | Skeletool | $65

The Skeletool is one of Leatherman’s most simplistic multi-tools. Its main components are the spring-loaded pliers, 420HC knife and large bit screwdriver. I keep one in my hunting bag and one in my pickup, keeping them handy for when I need to gut a deer, do surgery on my bow or employ the bottle opener on a beer. – SN

Yeti | Ramblers | $20-$70 

You’ve likely seen these stainless steel cups and bottles a lot the past few years, and maybe you complained that they seem a little pricey for a coffee cup or thermos. But let me tell you – once you try one, you’ll never go back. The simple pleasures of an always hot or cold drink are a lot more enjoyable than I ever realized. I’m drinking out of mine at this very moment, and that coffee is piping. – MK

H&H Books | Buck, Buck, Moose by Hank Shaw | $23

I haven’t got a chance to read this book, yet, but I know it’s going to be great. I’m familiar with Hank Shaw’s other work, like Hunt, Gather, Cook, and am expecting another fun read. This comprehensive cookbook will show you how to master venison without wrapping everything in bacon. – SN (Editor’s note: I own this and can attest to its awesomeness. – MK)


Maven | B3 binoculars | $500

When you upgrade to a high-end binocular you’re going to notice first and foremost, much better low-light visibility. And for a deer hunter, when most action is at dawn and dusk, I’ve found this to be super important. What I like about Maven binos though is that you can get this high-end quality at a much lower price than most other upper-end optics companies. This is because they sell direct-to-consumer through their website. So if you’re ready for a bino upgrade, you should really check these bad boys out. – MK

Badlands | Bino X | $100

I bought a Bino X binocular case earlier this year for an archery antelope hunt when looking for a way to keep my binoculars protected while belly crawling on stalks. This Badlands pack did just that, keeping the cactus and dirt off my lenses. It also uses No-Zip technology, which makes it deadly quiet when reaching for your optics. – SN

Redneck Blinds| Portable Hunting Chair | $80

Redneck Blinds’ Portable Hunting Chair is hands down the best chair I’ve found for using in a ground blind. It’s easily portable, but infintitely more comfortable than any fold up stool or camp chair. My favorite feature is the smooth and silent swiveling seat. And til the end of the year, Redneck is offering $20 off the regular price of this chair, which is usually $100, by using promo code WIRED at checkout. – MK

Camp Chef | Wireless Thermometer | $31

I was a below average wild game cook when I first started processing my own meat. I was often undercooking, overcooking, flipping meat too much and opening the grill too much. Now I use a wireless thermometer, which takes all the guesswork out of grilling. My backstraps and burgers are finally restaurant worthy. – SN

QDMA | Selective Buck Harvest Poster | $9.95

This is one of my favorite pieces of decoration in my house, but it’s also a tremendous resource. This poster shows bucks from age 1.5 up to 6.5, and lists body characteristics to look for in each when trying to estimate age. It’s very, very handy – and it makes a man-cave or office look pretty cool too. – MK

Hunterra | Field Maps | $100

This is a guaranteed hit of a gift for any whitetail nut, or just for yourself. These water and tear resistant maps provide a high-res aerial image of your hunting property, along with 3D shading, topo lines and any custom work you might want added. – MK

Wired to Hunt | Wired to Hunt Nation Shirt | $23

Personally, when I wear hunting clothes in public, I don’t care to have everything covered in camouflage or deer skulls. This slick looking shirt with the giant Wired to Hunt logo is actually a word cloud that podcast enthusiasts will love. Give it a read and see how many of these phrases Mark drops in a single episode. – SN

Morakniv | Fixed Blade | $10-$25

I do a lot of backpacking, as well as mountain hunts, and for those types of trips I need a very light-weight, versatile blade that can be used for everything from gutting an elk, to building a shelter, to cutting cord. And after doing a lot of research, I found something that fit all the criteria, the Morakniv. This brand is very in-expensive compared to most, but renowned by many in the survival and bushcraft field as the best all-around knife to have out in the woods. It’s light, sharp, fixed blade and tough. I carry mine with a partial roll of duct tape wrapped around the sheath, and between this knife and that DT, I can handle just about anything the woods throws at me. – MK

Donnie Vincent | The River’s Divide | $16.99

If you’ve heard Donnie Vincent on the Wired To Hunt Podcast, you know he’s a fascinating person with strong and well articulated views on hunting. His films are equally as compelling, and if you haven’t seen The River’s Divide or Terra Nova yet, these are well worth picking up for yourself or a friend.

Ozonics | HR 200 or 300 | $400-$500

You’ve heard us talk about these on the podcast for years, and my thoughts are still the same. When it comes to eliminating most of my human odor, Ozonics just plain works. Nothing is 100% fool-proof, but my Ozonics is the closest I’ve found yet,  and I never go into the woods without it. Return five sweaters and pick one of these up if you can. – MK