By Mark Kenyon

Unbelievably, 2016 is wrapping up, and as we often do at this time, we’re looking back at some of the top content here at Wired To Hunt from the past 12 months. Today we’ve rounded up what we believe are five of the very best podcast episodes we launched this year. Whether you hunt public land or private, big properties or small, the Midwest or the South – these interviews can help you become a better deer hunter.

So if you’re new to the podcast, these five episodes are a great place to start and if you’re a long-time listener, these are ones worth listening to again!

Wired To Hunt Podcast #97 – Tony Peterson’s Public Land Whitetail Plan: This is one of our absolute best episodes for the public land deer hunter, as Tony Peterson shares his exact process for finding public land worth hunting and then how he actually put together a strategy and executes on it to kill DIY public land bucks.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #116 – Steve Bartylla’s Big Buck Secrets: Grab a pen and notepad for this one, as Steve Bartylla unloads a lifetime worth of deer hunting knowledge that is just about unparalleled. Everything from patterning deer, to using cameras, to sanctuaries and the rut – Steve covers all of that and more.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #100 – Bill Winke, Dr Grant Woods and Lee Lakosky Answer The Deer Hunting World’s Most Debated Questions: In our celebratory 100th episode, we invited three of the top whitetail minds in the world to join us and answer a series of commonly asked deer hunting questions. Their diverse opinions on each are fascinating.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #103 – Dr. Craig Harper Gives Us A Deer Habitat Master Class: If you’re looking to manage and improve habitat for better deer hunting, this is the most important podcast you’ll listen to all year. Don’t miss it!

Wired To Hunt Podcast #112 – Eddie Claypool’s DIY Whitetail Hunting Strategies: Another great episode for the DIY, by-permission, or public land hunter – Eddie has been kill great bucks across the country without spending big dollars or owning property. And in this episode, he explains exactly how he does it.

Have another favorite Wired To Hunt Podcast episode from 2016 that you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments!