By Mark Kenyon

2016 has been a busy year here at Wired To Hunt. We’ve published more than 50 new episodes of the Wired To Hunt Podcast, we debuted the 100% Wild Podcast, and I and our guest contributors have written hundreds of hunting focused articles. If that seems like a lot to me, I’ve got to believe it might have been a bit overwhelming for some of you too.

With that said, in case you missed a few articles throughout the year, today we’ve rounded up our top 10 best hunting articles from 2016. Take a look below for some of our most viewed and enjoyed deer hunting related articles published over the last 12 months.

Train For Shed Hunting By Reviewing These 40 Shed Antler Photos “As They Lay”: With shed hunting season coming up soon, this is a great article to look back on, as we collected 40 photos of antlers in the woods as they were found. Train your eye by looking over these pics before heading out this winter!

2016 Rut Predictions – Could It Be Another Late Whitetail Rut?: Take a look at the 2016 version of our annual review of the popular rut timing theories and compare these predictions to what you saw this year. Did it match up?

Get A Little Crazy: After interviewing hundreds of the best deer hunters in the country, I’ve come to notice one common trait – they get a little crazy. In this article, I explain.

Answer These 3 Questions Before Your Next Hunt for a Mature Buck: Here’s a solid breakdown of the thought-process I consider before each hunt, and how I think it can help you too.

If We’re Not Careful, Hunters Will End Hunting: An insightful look at the long-term challenges we face as hunters, and how sometimes we hunters are the ones responsible.

99% of Serious Deer Hunters Don’t Do This Enough: One simple action most of us need to prioritize more heading into the new year.

The Rut is Here and You Know What To Do – But That Doesn’t Matter: Let’s be honest, most of us know the basics of hunting during the rut. The question is, will you actually be able to put those strategies into play? Read this now and then again next fall before the rut!

4 Factors that Led to Me Killing My #1 Buck Three Years in a Row: From 2013-15, I killed the #1 buck I was after each year. Here are the four factors I believe most influenced that success.

Stop Making Excuses and Just Do It: With a new year on the horizon, now’s the time to quit the excuses and chase that dream. This article might help get you moving on that.

The 5 Stages of Shed Hunting: If you shed hunt, I guarantee you’ll be able to relate to this.