By Josh Hillyard

After a long absence, we’re back with our Friday morning run-down of the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web each week. Take a look below and have a very happy new year!

Why do YOU Hunt? – It’s likely that you’ll be spending time with friends, family, or co-workers over the holidays and there is a good chance you may get asked the question, “why do you hunt”? While everyone has their own answer and reasons, this short video clip from the guys at “Canada in the Rough” do a great job tackling that question that can often times be difficult to answer or put into words.

5 Habits of Mature Bucks – North American Whitetail: Our friend Steve Bartylla shares the 5 habits of mature bucks and how they are a different breed of whitetail. Understanding these habits and then being able to use them to your advantage is key to being able to fill your buck tag with a mature whitetail.

Grind It Out Until The End – Whitetail DNA: Need a little motivation to get out there and hunt these last few days or weeks of the season? If you are feeling “hunted out”, Alex Comstock has a little pep talk for you.

How to Outsmart Late-Season Bucks – Still looking to fill your buck tag in the final days of your season? This article has some tips as to how you can hopefully outsmart a late season buck! Also included is an episode of Dr. Grant Woods on-demand web show, “Growing Deer”.

Best Venison Appetizer Recipes for an Outdoor Crowd – Outdoor Channel: Tis the season for parties and if you are looking for something to bring, give one of these venison appetizers a try! Whether a holiday party, New Year’s Eve party, or going to watch a college football bowl game with a group of people, any of these options look like they would be a hit. Personally, I need to try the venison mac & cheese balls!

Late-Season Deer Hunting: 5 Ways To Save Your Season – Outdoor Life: More late season hunting advice, this one from Tony Hansen.