By Mark Kenyon

Yesterday I posted a breakdown of money-saving tips for out-of-state deer hunting trips, citing my experiences over recent years taking DIY hunt/camp trips to places like Montana and Iowa. And since posting that article, I’ve gotten a number of follow-up questions specifically about the gear I used on those adventures.

That said, today I thought I’d share a list of all of the gear I used for my most recent trip, last September in Montana. Below you’ll see all of the gear I used to camp out and hunt public land for whitetails in Big Sky country for a week (much of which is also the same gear I use throughout the rest of the year). Take note, it took me many years to be able to afford and acquire all of this and I don’t claim that everyone else will want/need the exact same things. This is just what has worked for me.




Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 12.31.21 PM

Clothing (for early to mid-season trip):