By Josh Hillyard

We are back again this week with our rundown of some of the best hunting focused articles and blogs from around the World Wide Web. This week we have a heavy focus on the continued fight to save our public lands as well as a few shed hunting related articles. Enjoy and happy Friday!

Why Hikers Need Hunters and Vice Versa – Outside Magazine: Protecting our public lands is a bipartisan effort. It doesn’t matter what your political affiliations are, it is going to take a unified approach between all walks of life to help keep our wild places around. (Wired To Hunt’s own Mark Kenyon is quoted heavily in this one!)

Still Fired Up Over H.R. 621? Here Are Ten Other Threats to Public Lands – Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership : These are 10 more threats that are gaining steam and are dangerously similar to H.R. 621. Let your elected officials know our public lands are not for sale!

Bill H.R. 622: Poachers Dream, Sportsman’s Nightmare? – Outdoor Hub: Rep. Jason Chaffetz other controversial bill, H.R. 622 is drawing more backlash from outdoorsmen. If we let our voices be heard, hopefully he will pull the plug on this bill as well.

The Best Breed of Dogs for Findings Sheds – Whitetail Properties: If you are looking for a dog to teach to shed hunt, these are some of the best breeds for the job. I may be a bit biased toward the Labrador Retrievers!

Shed Hunting: Secrets of the Shed Masters – Outdoor Life: Several experienced shed hunters share their tips on how to find more whitetail, elk and mule deer sheds.

Shed Antler Timing for Small Parcels – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Timing your shed hunting expeditions is critical to finding more sheds, especially on small parcels.