By Josh Hillyard

It may only be February but it’s been feeling like May throughout most of the Midwest these last couple of days. With record temps in my home state of Michigan, I have the itch to get out and start looking for sheds. Unfortunately I’ve been cooped up in the office all week. I’m looking forward to getting out this weekend even though the temps are going to be back down in the 30’s. If you’re stuck in the office like I’ve been, hopefully our round-up of deer and hunting related articles from around the web can help you scratch that itch!

The Land We Love: A Photo Essay – Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership: Sometimes pictures can say more than words. The places in these photos are all from the lands we are fighting to protect.

Season’s End Begins Winter Scouting – North American Whitetail : Winter and early spring can be one of the best times to get some scouting in for the next season!

5 Steps to Designing Your Whitetail Dream Parcel – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: If you can follow these 5 steps when implementing habitat improvements, you could be well on your way to having your dream plot of land!

Advanced Deer Blind Strategies – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Make sure you do the work in the off-season to conceal your box blinds to help avoid spooking mature bucks that may move into your property during the fall.

Bowhunting Application Deadlines Across the Country- Make sure you know the application deadlines for tags if you are planning on hunting one of the states listed.

Diseases in the Deer Herd – Whitetail Properties: This article touches on a couple of the key diseases that pose a significant threat to deer herds, EHD and CWD.

If You Don’t Have a Plan, You Don’t Have Much – Deer & Deer Hunting: Steve Bartylla explains the importance of developing a cohesive plan when starting habitat improvements.

Minerals for Whitetails – QDMA CEO Brian Murphy discusses the realities of what deer need when it comes to minerals, and how supplementation may or may not be able to help.