By Josh Hillyard

Today is a special Friday. As you read this, I’ll most likely be on the road to Iowa! Mark and a couple others are already there -and the first shed of the trip has  been found – but it’s going to be my first time in Iowa and I am jacked. For the last couple of months my phone has been BLOWING UP with text after text in our group chat. Probably 90% of the conversation between the 7 of us has been about this weekend, our group shed hunt in Iowa. I’m excited to hopefully find some Iowa bone, but might be more looking forward to the laughs and good times that will surely be had around the campfire. Hopefully this is the start of a new annual tradition.

That said, enjoy this week’s run down of some of the best hunting articles and blog posts from around the web. Good luck if you get out shed hunting this weekend and as always, happy Friday!

Sportsmen Call on Zinke’s Leadership for Public Lands – Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership: Ryan Zinke, the U.S. Congressmen from Montana, has been confirmed as the new Secretary of the Interior. He has a strong history of opposing the transfer of public lands to the states, and his continued support will be vital to #keepitpublic.

Hunting Strategies For Future Shooter Bucks – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: The encounters and scouting history you have with the younger bucks can help you pattern that buck as he ages.

What does a Shed Antler Mean? – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: So you found a shed. Great! But what does it mean?

5 Tips From a 12-Year-Old Shed Hunting Master – Realtree: Nothing I love more than seeing kids getting involved in the outdoors. This particular gal would also shed hunt me under the rug!

Where Do Northern Deer Find Water in Winter? – QDMA: Interesting article about how deer fulfil their water intake requirements in the dead of winter.

WOW! That Deer Season Sure Was FUN! – Deer & Deer Hunting: The Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, takes a look back on his 2016/2017 deer season.