By Josh Hillyard

We are back again with our rundown of the best hunting articles and blog posts from around the web from this past week. We have some really interesting findings from the QDMA, politicians continue their attacks on OUR public lands, hunting and land management tactics for mature bucks, and much more.

And if you get out shed hunting this weekend, good luck!

New Deer Knowledge from the 2017 Southeast Deer Study Group Meeting – QDMA: Some fascinating information and stats from the Southeast Deer Study Group that was just recently held in Missouri.

Amid DOI Budget Cuts, House Republican Seeks $50 Million to Offset Public-Lands Sale – Field & Stream: Federal public lands continue to be under attack. Here is the latest on what Rep. Rob Bishop from Utah is up to. He is the architect of the public-lands transfer movement.

The Senate Votes to Limit National Input on Public-Land Management – Field & Stream: The Senate voted to kill a new bill that would have given the public more of a say in the Bureau of Land Management’s decisions. It also would have provided more transparency. Bad news for federal public lands.

How Big-Ticket Tags Open Access and Help Fill the Freezer – Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership: Your tag fees pay for a lot more than you may think!

Precision Buck Hunting System For Advanced Deer Habitat – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis shares some fantastic advice that consistently gives him opportunities to harvest mature bucks.

Penalties for Trail Cam Theft Could Increase in PA – I would think it’s safe to assume that the majority of you reading this have had a trail cam stolen at some point. Pennsylvania is no longer taking this matter lightly and is taking action to punish those who steal trail cams!

How to Shed Hunt in Hill Country – Realtree: If you are new to shed hunting hill country or mountains, here’s a quick video to get you started!

21 Off-Season Tasks for True Deer Hunters – Realtree: Looking for any hunting related projects this offseason? Here’s a list to get you started to have you ready for this fall!