By Josh Hillyard

It’s April in Michigan and that means spring is finally here, right?! Wrong…it’s currently snowing and in the 30’s as I write this. Not an ideal day for the home opener for my Detroit Tigers. However, I’m sure spring temperatures are right around the corner, or at least I hope so. If you’re cooped up inside like I am, hopefully our weekly rundown of some of the best hunting related articles from around the web will keep you entertained. Here’s to hoping the weather turns and you can get out and get a couple of whitetail related projects started or chase after some thunder chickens. Have a great weekend!

Mock Scrape Myth Tips – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Mock scrapes can be an extremely useful tactic, just make sure to follow these few tips.

What to Do After Purchasing Property – Whitetail Properties: If you just bought property, or maybe picked up a new piece of ground to hunt this coming fall, this is some great property management advice from our friends at Whitetail Properties.

Three Questions Every Deer Forage Expert Asks – QDMA: Matt Ross of the QDMA shares some great insight on how you can identify if deer are feeding in your area and how to determine if the sign you are seeing is from deer or other critters.

Video: 5 Reasons to do Treestand Work Now – Realtree: This quick video outlines why the time to do treestand work is now.

A Guide to Food Plot Alternatives – North American Whitetail: Not everyone has the opportunity to plant food plots and this article provides some great alternatives to make your property still attractive to deer.

Gobbler’s Knob – Honest Food: I typically check in on Hank’s website for wild game recipes, which are fantastic. However, his most recent article about a turkey hunt from this year has me itching to chase some gobblers!

Federal Land Transfer: Beware of Politicians Bearing Maps – Outdoor Life: It has been a few weeks since I shared an article regarding the public lands issues. This article points out an important distinction between a couple of the maps floating around out there.