By Josh Hillyard

We have a bit of everything this week in our rundown of some of the best hunting related articles from around the web. We have some habitat improvement, disease concerns, turkey tips and recipes, and some info on what is happening on the public land front. Be safe out there and have a great weekend!

Planting Trees on Your Property – Whitetail Properties: Looking to plant trees on your property? Take a look at these types and tips from our friends at Whitetail Properties.

Sportsmen Prepare to Defend Hunting and Fishing Opportunities From Sweeping National Monument Review: The recent announcement of a “review” of national monument designations made over the past 20 years (presumably with the goal of decreasing size or rescinding protections completely) has raised concerns from many hunters, anglers, outdoor users and supporting organizations. Here’s a bit more context to understand why this could be a dangerous move for public land and public land users.

10 Advanced Food Plot Tips For Quality Deer Herds – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Some great tips from Jeff Sturgis when looking at implementing food plots into your hunting strategies.

Critical Food Plot Strategy For Mature Bucks – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Once you take Jeff’s advice above, if you want even more, Jeff can then help you take your food plot strategies to the next level!

5 Herbicides Every Deer Steward Should Know – QDMA: If you are going to have food plots, it is imperative you know these 5 herbicides to help control weeds.

Deer Biologists: CWD Remains a Challenge – It has been 15 years since Wisconsin first identified CWD in free ranging deer. To this day, there is still a lack of a way to effectively manage this disease.

How and Where to Hunt Late Season Turkeys – Realtree: If you still have a turkey tag in your pocket like I do, or if you’re looking at taking an out of state trip, this article could help you punch that tag in May.

Seven Next-Level Wild-Turkey Recipes – Field & Stream: I’m always looking for new recipes to try with wild turkey. Hoping to give a couple of these a try this year!

Public Land Roundup: Trump to Review National Monument Designations, RMEF Opens Acres, Hung Jury in First Nevada Bundy Trial – Outdoor Life: Lots of action on the public lands front recently and here is a summary of what is happening.