By Mark Kenyon

I’ve got the fever bad. After returning from my western public land road-trip, my mind immediately turned back to whitetails and the half million deer hunting related tasks I need to complete in the coming months. Needless to say, I’m both very excited and very overwhelmed. But in the midst of it all, I’m still fervently reading up on new tactics, ideas and strategies – all with hopes of an epic 2017 deer season. In fact I was up past 12:00 last night reading, for the third time, one of my favorite deer hunting books.

If you’re hoping to do the same, we’ve got you covered with our weekly round-up of the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web. Take a look at the articles below and have a great weekend!

Where Should You Be Hanging Treestands? – Petersen’s Bowhunting: Bill Winke offers some great guidance for properly placing your stand locations. And now’s the time to be getting those stands up!

Deer Eat a Lot of Groceries. This Video Reveals How Much – A great video showcasing how much food a deer eats daily and list of takeaways about how deer feed and why we hunters need to understand it.

10 Ways to Increase Your Effective Kill Range – Realtree: If you’re not out practicing with your bow yet, get on it. Here are a few ways to utilize that summer practice to increase your range before the season.

How to Locate and Kill A Booner Buck – North American Whitetail: Adam Hays and Ben Rising share the secrets that have led to their incredible success killing giant bucks.

Use Topography to Make a Deer Management Plan – Deer & Deer Hunting: Steve Bartylla’s latest video breaks down how terrain and topography can help you formulate your habitat management plan.