By Mark Kenyon

Our final short film from my 2016 deer hunting season is here. The story of Holyfield. And if you’ve followed Wired To Hunt over the past few years at all, you’ve likely heard or seen plenty about this deer. But finally, we’ve brought this story to life via film.

Of all the journeys I’ve experienced as a deer hunter, this may have been the most personally impactful. From a hunting perspective, it’s forced me to try new things, to rethink my tactics and methods, and to push myself to hunt harder and smarter than ever before. And from a personal stand-point, it’s made me self-examine the “why” behind all of what I’m doing when heading afield.

But the best thing of all about this story is that the ending is still to be determined. I hope you enjoy our short film below and I hope there will be more to come soon …