By Mark Kenyon

You know how I can tell deer hunting season is quickly approaching? First, because turkey season is now officially over. And lucky for me I bagged one right before the buzzer. Secondly, because other websites are finally publishing new deer hunting articles! The content is starting to flow again across the interweb (although we never stopped here at Wired To Hunt), so take a look below at our round-up of the best hunting articles from across the web this week. Read on and have a great weekend!

How To Make The Perfect Venison Patty Melt (Video) – Field & Stream: Yum, enough said.

Does Moon Phase Really Matter? – Outdoor Life: One of our favorite questions.

Start Your DIY Hunt With These 5 Considerations – North American Whitetail: If you’re going to try a DIY out-of-state hunt, this is some important info.

Diary of a Dirt-Bag: How Your Food Plot Soil Gets Tested – Very interesting look at what goes into a soil test.

Target Buck Success By Trailcam – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: A few quick tips and a trailcam review from our friend Jeff Sturgis.

Where the Biggest Booner Bucks Are Coming from Now – Realtree: An interesting look at the record book entries per square mile and what states top the list.

Public Land Roundup: The Elliott is Saved, Trust Land Trouble in Utah, and White House Budget Slashes LWCF – Outdoor Life: The latest in public land/access news and politics. Some good news, some bad.

12 Ways to Prepare for Deer Season Now – Lots of work to do!

Public Land Transfer is Dying in the West, But Evolving in D.C. – TRCP: The land transfer movement is evolving, so we have to continue to stay up on what these people are trying to do, and keep up of our defense.