Today on the show we are joined by Brian Call of the Gritty Bowmen podcast and in this episode we discuss Brian’s lessons learned from applying whitetail tactics to blacktail deer hunting, his first whitetail bowhunt in Alabama, and most interestingly, the importance of mental toughness when hunting. In particular, our conversation around this topic of mental toughness, which we get into late in the episode, I think is absolutely killer. Don’t miss it.

(If you’d like to skip our long intro and get right to our interview with Brian, skip to 28:00)

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Who is Brian Call and what is the Gritty Bowmen podcast?

– How the Gritty Bowmen podcast got started

– How Wired To Hunt helped Brian hunt blacktail deer

– How blacktail and whitetail deer are similar and different

– What Brian thought of hunting whitetails in Alabama

– Sitka blacktails VS coastal blacktails in Oregon

– Brian’s most memorable blacktail hunts and experiences in Oregon

– How lessons learned from Brian’s blacktail hunts can be applied to our whitetail hunting

– Spot and stalk hunting VS treestand hunting – the good and the bad

– The importance of mental toughness

– How mental toughness applies to hunting

– How to improve your mental toughness

– The importance of attitude when hunting

– Recommended books related to mental toughness

– How to avoid the tendency to compare to others in the hunting world

-And much, much more!

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– To learn more about Brian Call, visit Gritty

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