Today on the show we’re joined again by outdoor writer and Illinois bowhunter Don Higgins and we’re discussing EHD and, in detail, his plans and tactics this year for targeting two potential 200 class bucks!

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Some VERY exciting news

– Insight into my Montana velvet drives

– My first Ohio trailcam pull results

– Reports of EHD across the country

– What Don has going on related to EHD and potentially minimizing its impacts

– The backstory on the two 200″ bucks Don is after this year

– The off-season preparations done for these two deer so far

– The early season plan

– What Don’s early season stands look like

– Access strategies for hunting Smokey

– The conditions Don will be keying in on to kill these bucks

– How Don is using trail cameras during this hunt

– What Don will be doing to hunt Trump and Smokey in late October

– Rut strategies for his hunt

– How annual patterns are factoring into this hunt

– The late season plan for Trump and Smokey

– How Don thinks he’ll handle the moment of truth with one of these bucks

– For what reasons does Don think he WILL or WILL NOT be able to kill one of these bucks

– What happens to Don’s goals if he kills these two 200″ bucks

-And much, much more!

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