By Bob Polanic – Hybrid-Outdoors

Ohhh yea, it’s opening day of archery season for some of you lucky hunters, for the rest of us, another week closer! Fall is definitely in the air around my neck of the woods. On my drive into work this a.m. the temperature gauge read 37 degrees, trees are just starting to turn color, and college football is back! Everyday from here on out just gets better and better for us hunters. That said, as we do here on most Fridays, here’s a roundup  of the best hunting blog posts from around the web this week.

Public Land Buck Bed Hunting – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Looking to up your game on public land? I know I am. Jeff Sturgis shares what to look for when trying to dial in a mature bucks bedding area on public land.

Busted: 10 Myths About Blood Trailing Deer – Outdoor Life: You hunt long enough and you will run into some tricky blood trails. Craig Dougherty offers some good tips that all of us should read up on before the season really gets kicked into high gear.

Bow-Tuning Basics: How to Set Up a Compound Hunting Bow – Field and Stream: The author, Micheal R. Shea, definitely knows his stuff. I worked at an archery shop a few years ago for the summer, and I can tell Shea laid out very detailed instructions in this one. Impressed!

Living the Dream – Midwest Whitetail: Everyone wants a job in the hunting industry. Bill Winke shares his story and offers advice for anyone looking to pursue that dream.

Don’t Bypass Nebraska Hunting – North American Whitetail: It’s against my better judgement to point out the state of Nebraska given I will be headed there for the second year in a row this November. But, in the spirit of sharing whitetail knowledge, I wouldn’t overlook this state for great mature buck hunting, especially with a very affordable non-resident tag.

Footage Released of the #2 World Record Non-Typical Whitetail – Wide Open Spaces: A little entertainment to help get you through the day. I remember hearing about this buck and the extra steps the hunter took with landowners and the DNR while pursuing this giant. I must warn you about the heavy product advertising in the video though