By Mark Kenyon

While in Alaska with Steve Rinella earlier this month I had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on a couple episodes of the MeatEater Podcast. The first of those episodes was released today and it’s all about my obsession and experiences with whitetails. We had a hell of a good time recording this one.

According to the Meateater website description, subjects discussed in this episode include:Whitetail guys and big game generalists; the seasonality of deer hunting; Steve’s dad’s impressively large hands; big 4-finger buck tracks; the motivations behind shed hunting; farmers’ cousins, and the troubles they bring to hunters; Mark’s buck of interest; a deer’s home range; the Boone and Crockett scoring system; Mark’s advice to folks wanting to enter the outdoor media industry; the earth as an organism; and more.

To give this episode a listen you can click the link below or download the episode on the podcast app of your choice. Enjoy!

MeatEater Podcast Ep 82: Whitetail Freaks