By Bob Polanic – Hybrid-Outdoors

Two. More. Days. We have finally arrived! October 1st is opening day of bow season for a good majority of us. So I hope you have all of your whitetail chores crossed off, a slammer buck on camera, and have been shooting dimes out to 40 yards for the past few weeks. Good luck to everyone. Shoot straight and if you find yourself at full draw just remember to take a calming breath and follow through with your shot. Here’s a little distraction for you to finish out your day at work or get you to opening day – our weekly round-up of the best hunting blog posts from across the web.

Stop the Stink with These 5 Scent Control Tips for Deer Hunting – Deer and Deer HuntingThis one is from John Eberhart. He spills some knowledge on scent control and his scent regime.

September and October Bowhunting Strategies – Whitetail Habitat SolutionsJeff Sturgis shares some quick insight on what days you shouldn’t overlook hunting in October.

5 Steps to Better Public Land Deer Hunting – QDMAHunting public land this year? Here are some decent tips you may have not thought about.

Your Guideline to Proper Deer Scent Usage – North American WhitetailI’m not big on scents, but there is some good info in here if you’re considering using them.

7 Things to Know About Buck Home Ranges – RealtreeJosh Honeycutt shares some of the basic but maybe unrealized info about why and where