By Bob Polanic Hybrid-Outdoors

Thank goodness the weekend is here! It looks like we are staring down one of those dreaded October warm fronts for the front end of the weekend across the midwest and northeast. Luckily, a hard cold front is working its way across the midwest beginning next week making this a great weekend to get some extra family time in while keeping pressure off your local whitetail herd. In the meantime, check out this week’s round-up of tips, strategies, and success stories from across the web.

Best Ways To Access Trail Cameras – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: If you do find yourself itching to get in the woods just to check cameras, look over these tips from Jeff Sturgis on how to keep deer from knowing that you’re using trail cameras.

Rut Reporters: Best Bucks of Early October – Field and Stream: Here’s some big buck porn for ya. Warning – These pictures will not help your self control to stay out of the woods!

Beating The High Hit – Midwest Whitetail: If you’ve hunted long enough, you’ve had a deer jump your string. Check out Bill Winke’s advice on how to avoid the high hit.

5 Way Buck-to-Doe Ratios Affect Whitetails and the Rut – Realtree: Think your herd is out of balance? Here’s what to expect for the coming rut.

Fact or Fiction: Only Dominant Bucks Snort-Wheeze – Is snort-wheezing part of your calling strategies? It should be.

Nick Kravitz and his Mature Pennsylvania Buck – Whitetail DNA: Cool story, awesome photos, and a hell of a buck!

Lastly, make sure you’re still practicing with your bow. This is a great weekend to make sure everything is still dialed in. Most of us have a few hunts under our belt at this point and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine we’ve bumped our bow a time or two on the way in or out of the woods.