By Bob Polanic  Hybrid-Outdoors

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! The bulk of the rut is in the rear view mirror and we are eyeing down the post rut. If you couldn’t fill your buck tag during the rut, don’t sweat it, we’ve all been there. Every deer season presents it’s share of success and failures. On this Thanksgiving weekend, take time to be thankful that we have the freedom to be a part of those success’s and failures. Here’s a quick round up of what’s new across the web.

Double Take: Almost 400 Inches of Antler in a Week – Field and Stream: Incredible! Don Higgins was on the Wired To Hunt Podcast earlier this year and talked about these two bucks. Who passes on a 180″ whitetail? Don Higgins does! Worth the read!

7 Great Ways to Pattern and Kill a Rutting Whitetail – Deer and Deer Hunting: If the rut is still cranking in your area, check out this article about patterning rutting bucks. Steve Bartylla breaks down what he looks for and how to put the puzzle together.

Gun Season Morning Hunting Burnout – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Tons of information here regarding the affects of gun season and some strategies to help you target big bucks during what most consider a tough time of the year to hunt.

Plentiful DIY Hunting In Ohio’s Wayne National Forest – North American Whitetail: By now, we all know Ohio is probably considered the best bang for your buck when it comes to nonresident hunting and the cost of a tag. Here’s your free 240,000+ acres of land to hunt. Perfect example of how public lands are an amazing resource!