Today on the show we are joined by Land Tawney, CEO of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, to help us better understand – from a hunter/angler perspective – the controversy surrounding recent proposed changes to Bears Ears and Grandstaircase-Escalante National Monuments and other public land news and challenges.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Recommended episodes to learn about the public land transfer movement – like this one and this one

– Why it’s important for hunters and anglers to understand public land issues and to stand up for them

– Why Dan and I value public land and wilderness areas

– Our public land plans for 2018

– What national monuments are and how they come to be

– What the administration recently announced in regards to reducing protections on several of the nation’s public lands and why hunters/anglers have reason to be concerned about this

– Clearing up a few national monument myths


-And much, much more!

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